2200 West; 9400 S to 11400 S

2200 West; 9400 S to 11400 S


South Jordan, Utah


South Jordan City & UDOT

WCG Projects: 2200 West; 9400 S to 11400 S

About This Project

WCG completed the environmental document and designed this LG/UDOT roadway widening and reconstruction project for South Jordan City along 2.5 miles of the 2200 West corridor. This project included widening in select locations to create a consistent cross section, accommodations for bicycles, modeling over 60 driveway tie-ins and sidestreet connections, ROW design, hydraulic analysis and new storm drain connections to existing drainage infrastructure, utility relocations (Rocky Mountain Power pole relocations with Comcast and CenturyLink as tenants), street lighting, and waterline betterments. WCG has completed the design package for project advertisement while assisting South Jordan City in acquisition of the 48 impacted parcels.