Ogden Bus Rapid Transit Line

Ogden Bus Rapid Transit Line


Ogden, Utah


Utah Transit Authority (UTA)

WCG Projects: Ogden Bus Rapid Transit Line

About This Project

WCG performed design services for segment 1 of the Ogden to Weber State bus rapid transit (BRT) and associated street improvements. The project was a partnership between UDOT, UTA, WFRC, Ogden City, Weber State, and Weber County. WCG’s portion of the project initiated with the design of the connection at the intermodal hub that precedes along 23rd Street, Washington Street, and all of 25th Street. WCG also filled the roles of project-wide QC/QA and traffic signals lead. This CMGC project included final design and construction of a 6.5-mile long BRT line with three miles of exclusive center-running BRT lanes. The project’s roadway improvement included roadway widening to accommodate the BRT route and add capacity for UDOT, traffic signal design at 21 intersections, installing pedestrian-friendly crosswalks, and improving various intersections. While designing modifications to the roadways, our team analyzed existing storm drains, sewer lines, and potable water systems while considering impacts to existing private utilities. WCG also identified existing drainage issues not presented in the master plan documents such as undersized storm drain lines and missing culverts.